The software company Processbench is a German-Dutch spin-off of the “Fraunhofer Institut (IML)”. When founded in 2006 in Aachen, the focus was on the application of regression analysis to benchmark business processes, so Processbench was the name of choice. Soon after, the strengths of our regression mechanisms as applied to the analysis of prices, in particular in industrial procurement, became evident.

With our core product analycess procurement, we count international companies with headquarters in Europe and the USA among our clients. Today, while continuously improving our procurement software, we are also developing a version specifically adapted to the needs of sales - analycess sales.

In March 2013, the new shareholder “Fourty Niners – Institut für Angewandtes Mechanism Design” took over the general management of Processbench GmbH, now operating from Saarbrücken (Germany).